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The Outbreak of the 2nd Wave of Corona Virus; Not a Fluke But a Reality

From Comrade Obayuwana Bobby Eghosa

With the outbreak of the First wave of the the ever dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic that ravaged the entire world in most parts of 2020, the human society with a sizeable number of population has managed to scale through with the Joy of entering into 2021 with the Grace of God and the rubrics of what is now left for them to survive with while they strive to come out from this shocker of a plaque that even medical practitioners are yet to finding a long lasting solution to as the 2nd Wave of Corona Virus which to a very large extent is predicted to be more virulent and deadly has now hit humanity yet once again with an unexpected outbreak.

However, the attitude of Nigerians towards the dread COVID-19 Pandemic is beginning to give me cause for worries and concern as many persons having being going about their normal daily social, economic and business activities without following the Preventive Measures of Using their Nose Masks, Using their hand sanitizers, washing their hands or even maintaining social distance amongst themselves, as most persons now think that the dreaded Corona Virus is an issue that has been over politicised by the Nigerian Government just to borrow more money from the world bank while some also think that it is a disease that is meant for only the rich. Others think that it is now a ''fluke'' which does not even exist and so cannot go through the processes of following the Health Measures that have been put together by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The resultant effect have culminated into the current high rise in cases of people with COVID-19, especially in Commercial States like Lagos where over 30,000 cases have been recorded over the past few days since the 2nd Wave broke out in Nigeria. Another factor that also led to the wide spread of the Virus over there is that the State is largely over populated with no Proper and Well Structured Population Census Control and Regulations through Family Planning and other Birth Control mechanisms. 

Besides, the last time a National Population Census was carried our by the Nigerian Government was in 2006 and ever since, such programme has no longer seen the light of day and as a result, perpetually gone into extinction as things stand in the country.

These sudden lackadaisical attitudes are as a result of the High Level of Illiteracy of Nigerians, most especially, our Market Men and Women, 80% of whom are uneducated.  

Other factors include the Low Level of Proper Sensitization & Conscientization of Nigerians against the effects of COVID-19 Pandemic across the 36 States of the Federation, as well as the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja Health Officials who should continuously strives to teach Nigerians on strict adherence to the Preventive Health Measures against the dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic as provided by the World Health Organization (WHO and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

Furthermore, Government at all levels should take frantic steps in Socially Engaging the Youths of their respective societies by training many them and incorporating them into the Health Sector for  them to in turn Carry out Massive Sensitization of Nigerians in the Grass Roots and Major Cities on the risks of their perception of COVID-19 as a ''Flukethan a Reality that it is ordinarily''. This would also help curb the high rate of insecurity in Nigeria because when the youths are engaged, most of their attention would definitely be focussed on National Development and not on Social Vices in the Nigerian Sociopolitical Milieu.

Also, ''House to House'',''Street to Street'', and  ''Market to Market'' Sensitization of Nigerians at all levels on their strict compliance to the Preventive Health Measures against COVID-19 Pandemic should take effect in the soonest possible time as it would help to further increase and arouse their consciousness bring their attention to the fact that COVID-19 is real and never a Fluke whatsoever.

Lastly, the Federal Government should as a matter of urgency start making adequate plans towards getting the Anti COVID-19 vaccine for Nigerians in order to Save them from this current nightmare, predicament, constant fear and despair of having to live amongst themselves with the uncertainty of being medical fit for a longer period of time due to the rigours of economic recession, hardship, insecurity, difference in health status and inadequate compliance to the Preventive Health Measures as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

There should also be a subsequent plan to carryout a National Head Count of all Nigerians through Population Census and Creation of a National Data Base of all Nigerians with Valid National Identification Number in order for the Federal Government to have definite figure of Her Population in relation to the available resources to them and not constantly work on estimates and statistical data only. 

This would enable the government to know the numbers of all men, women, youths, unemployed youths, numbers of retirees as well as pensioners. 

This would go a long way in making the Nigerian Budget Planning Process more effective and beneficial to both Nigerians and the leadership of the country.

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