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I took my husband to the mortuary because of his alcoholism

A Delta woman has taken to the social medi to recount how she changed her husband who was a chronic alchoholic to a better person. Read below:

My husband was a drunkard, every time I was called to go and take him from the gutters when he was drunk. Sometimes I find him in a coma, my family asked me to leave him but I didn't want to cos I was hoping he'd change.

At one point, I was tired, I couldn't take it any longer, and I decided to change it some other way. One day I was called to pick him up and I went, I carried him straight to the morgue. I negotiated with the mortuary man to lay him on the ground among the corpses.

Three hours later, my husband woke up and began by begging the attendant not to put him in the fridge that he is not dead. The mortuary man started to whip him hard saying "you corpses you come do witchcraft here, go lie down there".

My husband begged so much, after a moment of caning, the mortuary man let him out. He came back home and from that day he no longer got drunk.

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