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Former Edo Revenue Director exposes Obaseki’s 200,000 jobs sham

A former Executive Director of Income Tax at the Edo State Internal Revenue Service, Hon. Charity Amayenvbo, has described as unfounded lies the claims of the Obaseki-led government that over 150,000 jobs have been created since 2016.

Recalling a personal exchange he had with the Executive branch led by Governor Godwin Obaseki as Director in the State’s internal revenue service, Hon. Amayenvbo revealed how the administration failed to corroborate its claims that over 150,000 jobs had been created when challenged to provide evidence of employment.

According to the Hon. Amayenvbo, the Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, called for a meeting where he demanded an explanation on why the purported 150,000 jobs had no effect in the state’s tax system as no new entrants were captured.

However, when asked to provide details of the beneficiaries for capture, and with additional reminders weeks after, the state government couldn’t provide any.

In his words, “When I was still in Edo State Internal Revenue Service as Executive Director, Income Tax, Gov OBASEKI called us for a meeting; he told us he has created over 150,000 jobs through Edo Jobs and queried why they were not captured in the Tax system.”

“The next day we wrote a request letter to Edojobs to send us the names and companies that employed the 150,000 people to enable us to trace them for capturing, we waited over a month, NO REPLY.”

“We wrote a REMINDER, after 2 weeks, NO REPLY. After three months we wrote another REMINDER, Just for me to get a call asking me if I am now an OPPOSITION.”

“I challenged Governor Obaseki to publish the NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS, & LGAs of the Beneficiaries of the Jobs and the COMPANIES that he created his AUDIO 200,000 JOBS.”

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